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Teeth Extractions

In some situations, our experts may determine that removing a tooth is in the best interest of a patient’s oral health. An extraction may be recommended when a tooth is to damaged to be properly salvaged or when a tooth is causing problems for other teeth inside the mouth. Although having a tooth removed may seem scary at first, our experts work to make the extraction as easy and as painless as possible so that a patient can focus on improving their oral health after the procedure.

With local anesthesia, most patients who have a tooth removed experience little-to-no pain during the extraction process. Once the tooth is out, the immediate goal is to form a blood clot at the site. This is done by instructing the patient to bite down on a gauze pad for 30 to 45 minutes. After the clot has been formed, the patient must be very careful not to disturb it in any sort of way. For this reason, we strongly advise patients to avoid using a straw, rinsing vigorously, smoking, consuming drugs or alcohol and participating in intense exercise for at least 24 hours following a tooth extraction.

It is normal to experience some swelling after a tooth has been extracted. To address this, the patient should use an ice pack on their outer cheek. In most cases, a patient can continue with their usual brushing and flossing practices just one day after the procedure. In the event that the patient experiences intense pain or heavy bleeding at any time following the tooth extraction, they should contact our office immediately.

In addition to standard teeth extractions, Smile World Dental also offers wisdom teeth removals. Sometimes called the third molars, wisdom teeth usually begin to emerge when an individual is in their late teens or early twenties. While it is estimated that about one in five people will end up keeping their wisdom teeth, they are usually removed since they are very likely to cause problems for other teeth.

Extracting wisdom teeth is generally more intensive than a regular extraction. A patient will usually require about a week of recovery time to heal after a wisdom tooth extraction; however, this amount of time can vary significantly, largely depending upon how severely the teeth were impacted prior to removal. During recovery, a patient should get plenty of rest, consume lots of fluids and chew only soft foods.

If you would like to learn more about teeth extractions or wisdom teeth extractions, please call us at (209) 543-0555 to schedule an appointment.

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